Makita XBU01Z Leaf Blower Review
Makita XBU01Z Leaf Blower Review

While the charger and batteries are not included with this Makita XBU01Z leaf blower, when you obtain them, you’d be impressed by how long they’ll power the machine when completely charged.

You’d expect at least 30 t0 35 minutes, which is great for this type of machine.

One other function of the batteries is they’re interchangeable with other Makita cordless devices.

Featurs Makita XBU01Z Leaf Blower

Being able to control the power of the airspeed from the blower is helpful, as it’s not always the case you want complete power.

This Makita XBU01Z leaf blower has various speed controls which are easy to manage, as it sits rightly where your thumb will be when holding the machine.

There’re six different settings, with the max being an impressive 417 CFM or 120 miles per hour, if you prefer to measure it that way.

As well as the pace control, the off/on the trigger is placed within the handle, which is ergonomically made, though we did not like that you must continuously hold the trigger in for the machine to run.

Nevertheless, it’s a reasonable weight of just 8.4 pounds, and it feels balanced as well, which helps remove any strain on your elbow.

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Your well-being is also the main factor in the brushless motor, which has an extremely low noise rating for this machine of just 60.5DB.

While 1 still recommends you to wear ear protectors, this is a level which a few brands can only dream of.

Further elements of the blower’s design contribute to this lower noise rating, such as three blade fan, double housing for the sponges, and motor, which dampen both the sound/vibration levels.

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  • Even weight distribution
  • Variable speed control
  • Low maintenance motor
  • Noise level of just 60.2dB
  • Up to 473 CFM and 120 miles per hour airflow
  • Sponges to dampen sound and vibration


  • On button must be pushed continuously during working
  • Air intake infrequently sucks clothing

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