Stihl Leaf Blower BGA 56 VS 57
Stihl Leaf Blower BGA 56 VS 57

According to the Stihl internet sales policy, buying a new Stihl product online in America is challenging.

If you want a top standard cordless blower that can be purchased online, new and delivered to your door, we advise you to look at the strong Ego cordless blowers.

Features Stihl Leaf Blower

You may otherwise be capable of finding refurbished or best second-hand Stihl products.

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Make and handling

The BGA 56 and 57 are both STIHL blowers. The advantage is the same standard and focuses on detail.

These two products are handheld blowers and so offer you superior mobility.

Both products are battery-run blowers – they use an affordable and perfect power source, which you can recharge.

Stihl Leaf Blower BGA 56
Stihl Leaf Blower BGA 56

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The Stihl BGA 85 with a CFM of 391 exceeds the 353 CFM of the Stihl BGA 56.

Thus, in comparison, you may find that the former can move more leaves per minute.

The Stihl BTA 85 with an MPH of 104 exceeds the 100 MPH off the Stihl BGA 56.

Thus, the former expels air much faster and should perform an excellent job blowing leaves on grass or lifting wet debris and leaves.

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The Stihl BGA 56, offering a CFM of 353, outcomes the 235 CFM of the Stihl BG 45.

Your leaf blower experience will be better with the Stihl BGA 56, as it should be capable of moving considerably more leaves per minute.

The Stihl BGA 56 MPH of hundred beats the 85 MPH of the Stihl BGA 45.

It expels air quicker and should aid you in blowing leaves on grass or lifting heavy debris and wet leaves more perfectly.

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 Stihl Leaf Blower bga 56 vs 57

The BG 56 CE is STIHL entry-level handheld petrol leaf blower, but it is still strong thanks to its two MIX engines. STIHL 2-MIX technology has been developed to increase power output and decrease fuel use, making it extra efficient.

Starting this blower is easy too. This machine specs STIHLs and ErgoStart technology which means this leaf blower can be created with a pretty effort from a smooth pull of the cord.

Battery Leaf Blowers

If petrol tools are not for you, why not think about a cordless battery-run leaf blower? The BGA 45-leaf blower is part of the STIHL range of garden power tools with connected batteries.

This leaf blower is designed to clean little outdoor areas, with a built-in 18-volt battery and just 2kg, making it simple to use. It is also hushed, so you would not bother any neighbors either.

If the area you are cleaning is more extensive, and you need that extra battery power and capacity, the BGA 57 is another option. This leaf blower is part of the AK system of tools, and it comes with a thirty-six-volt lithium-ion battery that can be used in other devices in the range.

It is one of the significant advantages of the BGA 57 because once you have one AK battery, you can buy the other tools in the range without having to pay for another – one battery, lots of uses!

The recommended battery for this leaf blower is the AK20 which provides you approximately twenty-two minutes of working time on a complete charge – so you will have sufficient power and time to clear up to 760m of leaves.

Suppose you want some extra run time. In that case, you can forever go for the bigger capacity AK30 battery with the blower, which provides you about twenty-seven minutes of blowing time and the capability to clear up to 900m of leaves.

Like the BGA45, the BGA 57 is also extremely quiet, lightweight, and straightforward. Its streamlined design with a three-setting length-adjustable blower tube means it is a versatile tool for users of all capabilities.

Safety first

Do not forget to wear the best personal protective equipment (PPE) when using any leaf blower. You should forever ensure your eyes are protected from debris and dirt if you blow it around the garden.

When using a petrol machine, we always advise that you use ear protection tools, and we provide an extensive range of ear protectors.

Don’t forget to wear robust shoes and snug-fitting clothing, and tie your long hair back, too, so you don’t get caught in the tools.

Schröder Industrial Backpack Leaf Blower 5-Year Warranty Model: SR-6400L

 in stock
as of May 29, 2024 9:08 pm

Stihl BGA 57 Compact Cordless Blower Set

The Stihl BGA57 compact blower is balanced with a soft grip handle and low gyroscopic effect, making it easy to operate.

So quiet, you would need ear protection which is excellent news as now you can listen to other sounds while you work, making it safer. It is much simpler to use than a rake for those irritating leaves around your property and will save you lots of effort and time.

The blower tube is adjustable with a fast push/pull movement, which means different users of different heights can replace it to find a relaxed working position. It is super simple to begin, too; click in the battery, pull the trigger, and go away.

The amazingly designed Stihl BGA 57 cordless blower set contains the battery and charger, providing you the best value for money. The strong included AK40 36v lithium-ion battery and charger can be used in any machine in the 36v range from Stihl, which means you need to buy one battery and one charger, which will save you lots of cash.

The battery is fast to charge, and the charge can even be wall mounted which is a remarkable space saver and means it would not get damaged or lost while in storage. It can be inserted into the blower in 2 stages. You get twenty minutes of run time on a complete charge which should be lots of time to tidy up your outside area.

For your safety, the battery has two stages of operation once inserted into the machine. The primary stage is neutral, and the battery would not link with the contacts, which makes transportation safer. The second, the battery is fully inserted, permitting the complete operation of the tool.

Like all Stihl products, it has many stand-out specs and provides the latest art technology combined with lots of power, all in one compact and simple way to operate the machine.

The blowing force of the Stihl BGA 57 is shockingly strong and gives its lightweight feel, but fear not, it is rightly suited to cleaning twigs, leaves, and waste and will give your outside area a place to be proud of in no time at all.

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Stihl Leaf Blower BGA 56

The blowing force of this vital yet light blower is rightly suited to cleaning twigs, leaves, and sandy waste from around the garden and home. Designed with comfort in mind, the BGA 56 is well-balanced, straightforward to control, and a great time saver matched to raking or sweeping up leaves.

The Stihl BGA 56 is the best partner for clearing debris and waste from the drive, patio, and garden. The compact and lightweight design and 36v lithium ion compact technology provide comfort and power in one perfect little package.

The utterly adjustable blower tube advantages different height users with a fast twist and pulls/push movement. The easy operation means the operator has to click on the battery and pull the trigger for a remarkable blowing experience.

The BGA 56 nozzle can be adjusted to match your needs and height with three settings for length. Its lightweight and rightly balanced design make it both relaxed and straightforward. Just pull the trigger and blow. It is also a true powerhouse with 600m3/h of air throughput.

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Blower, Brushless, 5-Ah Battery (DCBL720P1)

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Schröder Industrial Backpack Leaf Blower 5-Year Warranty Model: SR-6400L

 in stock
as of May 29, 2024 9:08 pm

Greenworks 24252 40V 150 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Blower, 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Included

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15 used from $49.89
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Cordless Leaf Blower - Electric Leaf Blower battery-powered, 20V Lithium Leaf Blower Cordless with Battery & Charger, Powerful Cordless Blower Lightweight for Sweeping Snow (Battery&Charger Included)

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Greenworks 80V 145MPH - 580CFM Cordless Backpack Leaf Blower, 2.5Ah Battery and Charger Included BPB80L2510

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10 used from $172.28
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Greenworks 40V Electric Leaf Blower, 430 CFM / 115 MPH, 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Included BA40L210

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2 used from $78.74
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as of May 29, 2024 9:08 pm

WORX WG584 40V Power Share Turbine Cordless Leaf Blower with Brushless Motor (2x20V Batteries)

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BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Lithium Sweeper (LSW221)

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Snapper XD 82V MAX PowerGrip Cordless Leaf Blower with 700 Max CFM and (1) 4.0 Battery & (1) Rapid Charger Included

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL 120 MPH 450 CFM 18-Volt Lithium Ion Brushless Cordless Handheld Blower (Battery Sold Separately)

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as of May 29, 2024 9:08 pm
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