DEWALT 18V Brushless Leaf Blower Review
DEWALT 18V Brushless Leaf Blower Review

The DEWALT 18V 5.0Ah Leaf Blower, ideal for path and lawn clearance in small to medium outdoor spaces, is lightweight (only 3.2kg) and compact, reducing fatigue and stress user severe and repetitive work.

Are you desperately looking for a suitable blower for your home?

First, it is essential to identify the kind of blower you need.

You can go for walk-behind blowers, a backpack, and handheld blowers.

If you do not have a large commercial landscape, Dewalt 18V 20V Max can be an excellent choice.

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DEWALT Electric Leaf Blower Features

The best thing about this blower is that it is lightweight and affordable.

You might be confused about whether you should go for a battery-powered or electric blower.

What you will appreciate about battery-powered blowers is that they are perfect for yard work.

These blowers have a long runtime, and you do have the freedom to walk without a cord.

DeWalt DCM562 18v XR Cordless Brushless Blower

When you go for the Dewalt electric blower, you will notice that it is an environment-friendly option.

Secondly, these blowers have a quiet operation. Dewalt has a variable speed trigger and offers a speed lock for user control.

The brushless motor improves the efficiency and durability of the machine.

The best part is that Dewalt has an 18V 20V Max 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, and the charger is also available with this blower.

Axial fan has an innovative design.

Plus, you can look forward to the maximum runtime and air output.

You can look forward to 400 CFM power with this blower.

DEWALT 18V Brushless Leaf Blower
DEWALT 18V Brushless Leaf Blower

The positive side of the picture is that 400 CFM power is perfect for medium-sized and small yards.

It cleans driveways and patios without a problem. You get an instant trigger with this blower.

As a result, Dewalt will start without any effort.

You have speed control with this blower. As a result, it becomes easy to increase the airflow when you require extra power.

A vast column of air can flow through the large blow tube, and you can cover a large area due to the increased airflow.

Setting up your Dewalt leaf blower

Setting up the Dewalt blower is a simple job. It would be best if you charged the battery.

You will need to connect the blower tube to the motor’s housing, and your blower will be ready to start.

The worth appreciating aspect of the Dewalt blower is that it has an excellent battery placement.

What you will like is that battery is housed below the handle.

As a result, it becomes easy to maintain the unit’s balance.

You do not have to worry about arm fatigue due to this design.

The brushless motor also has its set of incentives. It improves performance and increases the durability of the blower.

Dewalt has built-in cruise control also, and you can set it as per your speed preference.
The best part is that additional power does not increase the volume.

The machine can efficiently operate at 61 dB when you use it at full throttle.

Comparing Dewalt with other blowers

When you compare Dewalt Max with Dewalt Flexvolt, you will notice that the blower may offer higher power.

The benefit of the high power is that the blower can power through heavier debris with an air volume of 423 CFM and reach a speed of about 129 mph.

However, you need to remember that most homeowners may not require high power, which is why Dewalt Max works well in this situation.

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 Solid Option

Dewalt Brushless Leaf Blower
Dewalt Brushless Leaf Blower


When you plan to go for the Dewalt blower, then Dewalt 20V Max can be considered a reliable option for the users.

Some people do tend to underestimate the unit because of the 20V battery.

However, when we look at the size of the unit, then the performance is sufficient.

Even if you are looking for a job site blower, Dewalt 20V Max is a great choice.

The only setback of this blower is that it has a limited full-throttle speed.

The downside of the limited throttle speed is that the battery can drain quickly.

There is no denying the fact that Dewalt 20V Max is a multi-purpose blower. You can clean your entire house with this blower.

You can even clean the sidewalks with this blower.

With Dewalt 18V Max, it will also become easy for you to clean your driveway again.

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Final Thoughts

Dewalt Max blower is easy to use, and you do not require a lot of technical skill to operate this blower.

The essential aspect is that you should explore the features of this blower before use.

This practice’s benefit is that you will use Dewalt 18V – 20V Max in the best possible way when you know the features.

The build quality is also very well.

If you choose this blower, you will not have any regrets at the end of the day because Dewalt 20V Max will fulfill your objectives by all means for sure.

Dewalt 18v brushless leaf blower Dewalt DCM562

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