BlackDecker Leaf Blower LCC222
BlackDecker Leaf Blower LCC222

If you’re a noise hater or you can do not want to bother your neighborhoods with extreme noises, the Black + Decker LCC222 blower is literally what you need.

It’s extremely praised for its quieter process than other machines in a similar class.

Features Black+Decker Leaf Blower LCC222

This device comes with 2 20v max lithium-ion batteries, so you will have to back up if the primary one malfunctions or runs of juice right before your finish the task.

Thanks to its plus sweeper, this machine is the best assistance to clear decks, driveways, garages, and sidewalks. Also, its light and compact build is one more function that you might fall in love with without any delay.

Long gone are the times of struggling to carry such a bulky machine. Now you can feel at ease to use this device around without any stress on your arms.

Though, the negative side of the Black + Decker LCC222 lies in its automatic feed spool unit.

This feel is claimed to be of no use in a few cases, and it can throw you into warm water during use, so consider this fact before making a purchase!

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Main Feature Black+Decker Leaf Blower 

  • String trimmer function automatic feed spool, no bumping needed
  • 20V max lithium-ion battery
  • lightweight design, low noise, the sweeper has the very light design of only 3.7lbs, and string trimmer has the lightweight design of just 4.5lbs
  • The sweeper is perfect for cleaning sidewalks, driveways, decks, and garages

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  • Great performance for several small spaces
  • Low noise level
  • A bargain price with 2 batteries included
  • Compact design for smoothly transporting


  • Less durable
  • Poor-quality automatic feed spool unit

Final Verdict

This Black + Decker LCC222 can get the job done perfectly without much noise.

As an outcome, it undeniably suits the needs of those who need quiet spaces during work.

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BLACK & DECKER 20V MAX String Trimmer Edger and Sweeper Combo Kit

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