Best Leaf Blower Gas vs. Electric
Best Leaf Blower Gas vs. Electric

Oak, Maple, Birch. They are all elegant trees but come fall; they shed hundreds of leaves. And a blower can make short work of cleaning the whole mess.

And it is not only a once and done seasonal landscape device; it is helpful year-round.

Leaf blowers come in very handy for cleaning summer’s decks and winder’s light snow, also dirty porches and walkways.

There’re lots of blowers on the market, gas and electric powered.

But the question is how to pick the right one?

Electric vs. Gas: Choosing the Right Leaf Blower

Convenience, budget, speed – all are a vital consideration when weighting electric or gas blower.

In the handled category, a gas leaf blower is still the quickest way to clear a yard rest of leaves.

But the finest electric blowers are powerful enough for many big tasks; though, you will have to stick within 100ft of the power outlet.

Electric vs. Gas: Choosing the Right Leaf Blower
Electric vs. Gas: Choosing the Right Leaf Blower

Gas-handled blowers go anyplace, but the weight and price more the electrics – and they are noisier. They also need fueling and some maintenance.

Electric models offer less power than gas blowers and limited run time for each battery charge.

But these models are light, usually weighing in at less than 10 pounds.

Backpack blowers usually cost more than handled leaf blowers, but they offer more energy and transfer weight from your arms to your shoulders and back.

Backpacks tip the scales at 22lbs.

Got lots of eaves? Wheeled leaf blowers pack the most power by far.

They also take up the most space, can be hard to push and control, and bear the largest price tags of all these categories.

Some handed leaf blowers also inhale yard dust through a vacuum, a function that comes in very handy for sucking up leaves as they fall or for taking care of stragglers.

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Gas vs Electric Leaf Blower | EGO Leaf Blower Reviews

But their relatively small size tubes limit how much you can vacuum at once.

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