Greenworks Electric Leaf Blower Vs. Cordless Leaf Blower
Greenworks Electric Leaf Blower Vs. Cordless Leaf Blower

Greenworks is a company well known for manufacturing power tools for homes and gardens. The company offers various tools. Among them are leaf blowers.

In this article, I will try to compare and, at the same time, review two of their models – Greenworks 24012 and Greenworks 40V.

At first glance, you with old think these are the same products.

However, as soon as you see the price, you know that there must be a significant difference between them.

In the end, both of these models will do the job very well. You can use them to remove leaves from your backyard, patio, garage, and any other surface.

Not only can you remove leaves with these tools, but you can also remove debris, dust, snow, and other smart particles that you don’t like.

Greenworks 24012 Electric Leaf Blower Features

Greenworks 24012 comes with 7 Amp a motor, and it has an airspeed of 160 miles per hour. CFM is 150, which means it covers an area of 150 cubic feet per meter.

Greenworks 24012 Electric Leaf Blower

This model has unlimited runtime, and its weight is 4.5 pounds. It’s best for small yards and hard areas.

Unfortunately, Greenworks 24012 doesn’t have variable speed. Compared to gas blowers, Greenworks electric leaf blowers don’t have vibrations, and their cord is locked.

The main specifications of Greenworks electric leaf blower are:

  • 7 Amp motor
  • 150 CFM
  • 160 mph airspeed
  • Dimensions of 18 inches x 9 inches x 10 inches
  • Weighs 4.5 lbs
  • 120 volts

Pros and Cons of an electric blower

The main advantages of this model are:

  • Unlimited running time
  • Zero carbon emission
  • The warranty lasts four years
  • Compact and powerful
  • Affordable

The main disadvantages are:

  • too loud for some customers.


Greenworks Cordless blower with battery and charger

If you want to avoid cords and accidents with cords, you probably want to consider buying a cordless leaf blower.

Well, you already know that it’s a bit expensive and more expensive than a corded model.

But, if you don’t have a limited budget, a cordless blower is a much better option.

Greenworks offer a cordless model with 40V of voltage, 150 MPH of airspeed, and battery and charger.

Greenworks Cordless Leaf Blower
Greenworks Cordless blower

The main specifications of cordless leaf blower are:

  • 40V of volts
  • 150 miles per hour of airspeed
  • 31 inches x 7 inches x 10 inches
  • Up to 1/2 acre area
  • Up to fourteen minutes of running time
  • And more.

Pros and cons of cordless leaf blower

The main advantages of this leaf blower are:

  • Lightweight
  • No cord
  • Less noise
  • Variable speed.

The main disadvantages of this model are:

  • Several customers had issues with a charger.


Difference between corded and cordless leaf blower

I have already mentioned the price is a considerable difference among them.

Greenworks 40V is four times more expensive than Greenworks 24012.

There is a big question of why you should buy a more expensive product if the cheaper one can do the same job without a problem.

To answer that question, you should read below because all other features are more or less in favor of Greenworks 40V.

Greenworks 40V has an unlimited range. It uses a battery, and because of that, don’t need a power cord.

The power cord in Greenworks 24012 is a real limitation, especially if you have a large backyard and not a long power cord to cover all of it.

Another problem with the power cord is that you will need to buy one if you don’t own it already.

That purchase adds to expenses because a high-quality power cord may cost you more than a leaf blower, especially if you need it long.

The cord is usually long enough, even for most demanding customers.

Power And Speed Choice

Version with a cord has more power, which is normal since the battery needs to preserve energy to last longer.

On the other hand, the cordless model looks way more relaxed, especially if you want to look like a professional who knows what they are doing.

However, the blowing speed difference is only 10mph; 24012 can bow at 160mph, while the 40V version can blow with 150mph.

CFM ratio is also in favor of the corded leaf blower. It can do 150 CFM while the battery version does only 135 CFM. CFM is one of the most important factors when it comes to blower efficiency.

The power cord version of 7 AMPs is limited to one speed, which means you can only turn it on or off. If you need more speed choices, then look for the 9 AMP version.

On the other side, the battery version has six-speed selections. According to many buyers, the cordless model is more potent than expected.

Greenworks Electric Leaf Blower Vs. Cordless Leaf Blower
Greenworks Electric Leaf Blower Vs. Cordless Leaf Blower

Limited Run Time

The power cord version of Greenworks leaf blower can run unlimited since it uses electricity directly from the house.

On the other hand, the 40V version can only run for approximately 14 minutes. Fourteen minutes is not much, which means that every 14 minutes, you will need to charge the battery.

The battery also needs some time to be fully charged, which in other words, means that you may be taking more time to wipe the garden with a battery version leaf blower.

However, Greenworks also has more powerful leaf blowers that run on a battery, which can run for up to one hour and have much higher CFM and blowing speed.

With just one press of a button, your new blower is ready to clean your yard.

The version with a brushless motor is a much better option. But it also costs three times more than the 40V version without a brushless motor. With the brushless motor version, you can also use a leaf blower as a vacuum.

Hard Surface Recommended

It is highly recommended to use the basic models on a hard surface. If you want, you can use them on the grass. They won’t be as efficient as on the hard surface.

If you need a leaf blower that will be used on the grass surface, you need to get a 9 AMP power cord version or a 40V battery version with a more durable motor than the basic one.

I can highly recommend getting a brushless motor version if it can fit your budget.

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Interestingly, the primary 40V cordless blower is lighter than the 7 AMP corded version. That only proves that the basic version is using a tiny battery.

However, if you decide to get the 40V with a brushless motor, you will carry around 1.1 lbs more.

The difference in weight is not that big and should not represent any problem with whatever model you decide to get.

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Final thoughts about Greenworks Electric and Cordless Leaf Blower

Whether they are using a battery or are directly connected to power by a power cord, electric leaf blowers are much better versions than the leaf blowers that run on gas if you have a small garden.

The price is also a significant factor when choosing the right leaf blower, and as you can see, the difference in the price of Greenworks electric and cordless leaf blower is enormous.

Before buying, you should take all the costs in the calculations, the power cord also needs to be purchased, and the price of a decent power cord also varies and is heavily dependent on the length of the power cord.

I hope this Greenworks leaf blower review will help you make the right decision.

You must include a leaf blower in your tool collection.

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