Best Garden VAC for Wet Leaves
Best Garden VAC for Wet Leaves

If you want to buy the most effective leaf vacuum you can lay your hands on, buy a lawnmower.

A mower is more potent than a handheld leaf vacuum, holds far more debris, and supports its debris bag on a frame, so you don’t have to carry it.

Best Garden Vacuum & Leaf Blower Reviews 

Here are some of the best garden vac for wet leaves to buy:

Worx WG505E Blower, Mulcher, and Vacuum

This is another 3-in-1 garden tool. It can blow, vacuum, and mulch leaves while remaining pretty compact.

It also has a unique design for a corded leaf blower: an angle nozzle.

The producer claims this helps when cleaning under garden furniture and offers more control.

With specs for vacuuming and blowing, the WG505E is best for keeping your garden tidy.

Unlike many other models, you can switch models with one switch – you do not need to hesitate about changing to nozzles due to the parallel blowing and vacuuming modes.

Black + Decker GW2500 Corded Vacuum

Another machine that gathers leaf vacuuming and blowing is the black + Decker GW2500.

It is a corded machine that offers strong output and blowing speeds of 310km/hour. The device also has a shredder to support compact any stuff it sucks up.

The GW2500 shredder fan can decrease debris in size at a ratio of ten to one.

This is in line with the other shredder but can dramatically decrease the speed to empty the machine while in use.

The forty-liter capacity is not as big as the Worx but still offers enough area for most garden cleaning jobs.

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Karcher S650 Push Floor Sweeper

The Karcher S650 is entirely different from the other.

It is not a garden vacuum, and you definitely would not use it on damp leaves or big debris.

But where the S650 does excel is at cleaning dirt and other tiny debris from driveways, pathways, and other hard surfaces.

It is a push garden sweeper with a cleaning width of 65cm and side brushes to support cleaning edges.

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Best Leaf Vacuum – Top 5 in 2022

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