Toro 300 Air Rake Leaf Blower
Toro 300 Air Rake Leaf Blower

Toro highest performing blower vac. Everything has the best, plus added time-saving and leaf shredding performance.

It contains the patented shreds ring that jobs with the metal impeller to decrease up to ninety-seven percent of mulched debris to less than 1/2 inch.

Features Toro Air Rake Leaf Blower

An oscillating nozzle kit is also added. This kit mechanically sweeps the air back and forth, making a wider blowing path on hardscapes without moving the wrist.

Contains: key blower tube – for dry leaves – power insert – for heavy leaves, wet, concentrator – use in crevice and corners, cord storage hook – save the cord by wrapping it around the storage hook, base zip vacuum bag.

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Toro Rake & VAC Electric Leaf Blower 

Debris reduction varies with the material kind and its situation.

Sweeping: indicates the speed of moving a pile of leaves.

Loosening: point out the speed of removing embedded leaf particles from the lawn.

Vacuuming: Reflects how fast and rightly models with vacuum capability pick up leaves and how perfectly they are mulched.

Handling and simple to use: Contains ease of maneuvering, using controls, and replacing modes.

Noise at the ear: Blower mode noise is based on our calculations at the operator’s ear level. Models rated poor or fair at ear level emitted at least 85 dBA, loud enough to warrant a hearing feature.

Noise at fifty feet: Blower mode noise is based on industry-standard measurements at fifty feet. Models rated extremely best or incredible at fifty feet should meet general municipal limits of sixty-five decibels.

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Other features

  • Best bowering and mulching proved by managed laboratory testing.
  • Strong up to 250 mph degree: 350 CFM blow mode and 410 CMF vac mode
  • Bottom zip bag, vacuum tube, cord storage hook, time-saving
  • Variable speed control for excellent control in both vac mode and blower

Toro® Ultra Blower Vac Overview

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