Best Handheld Leaf Blower Reviews of 2020
Best Handheld Leaf Blower Reviews of 2020

Do you need a handheld leaf blower? Check out our list of top best-selling models and read reviews!

We think these models will still be one of the best in 2023.

Best Handheld Leaf Blower Reviews

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Black & Decker 20V Leaf Blower and Sweeper

Black & Decker 20V Leaf Blower and Sweeper
Black & Decker 20V Leaf Blower and Sweeper

Black & Decker offers LSW221 to sweep away and broom dirt, dust, small debris, and cobwebs.

No need to power a full-size blower, but manage your task with a limited air volume and similar air velocity.
It is suitable to use in the garden and lawn for cleaning. You will get a battery charger and battery, an instruction manual, and two blower tubes.

This sweeper has three parts: two blower tubes and a motor assembly. The tubes glide together and tap with meshing tabs.

This compact sweeper is lightweight and easy to carry for everyday sweeping tasks. You can use it to blow out your garage and the back of the pickup truck.

It is particularly excellent for cleaning dust and other areas. There is no need to worry about heavy debris and dirt piles in the presence of this handheld blower.

LSW221 is better than a broom because it can expel leaves. It can create a tornado of flying debris and airborne dust.

Sweepers excel at blowing light debris, like dry leaves and grass, clipping from flat surfaces, and keeping it near the ground.

You can complete cleaning without any disturbance. With this outdoor equipment, you can work without fumes and gas.


WORX Turbine 600 WG520 Corded Leaf Blower

WORX Turbine 600 WG520 Corded Leaf Blower
WORX Turbine 600 WG520 Corded Leaf Blower

Turbine 600 will help you to clean your yard quickly. It is patented jet engine TURBINE technology to deliver superior blowing force.

With its power, it can work better than a gas blower. There is no need to worry about harmful emissions.

This blower can pump out air at 110 mph with 600 CFM. You will find it great for one-handed work. You can clean under challenging conditions using an air nozzle (hyper-stream).

It comes with a 120V corded air power.
The air nozzle with hyper-stream can tackle severe conditions, and the adjustable speed control increases your versatility. Feel free to switch between tougher and lighter jobs.

It is more than 6 pounds to tackle different yard clearing projects. There is no need to worry about fatigue.

Its patented technology of jet engine produces forceful airflow. Variable control for speed may help you to do different tasks. It can quickly tackle debris and leaves around your home and yard.


WORX WG545.1 Max 20V Lithium Cordless Sweeper/Air Blower

WORX WG545.1 Max 20V Lithium Cordless Sweeper/Air Blower
WORX WG545.1 Max 20V Lithium Cordless Sweeper/Air BlowerThiss cordless blower can dust, dry, sleep, and blow. It works like a vacuum to clean your keyboard, garden area, and other places.

You will get an extension hose with a dust tube to control its airflow in a problematic area.
Use a dust brush on a window sill, furniture, etc.

A Detail Brush can pinpoint airflow in several locations, including delicate surfaces.

Feel free to use a deflation cover and inflator nozzle to deflate or inflate fitness equipment, toys, and other items.

It has a short tube for intense air pressure to manage the flow. A wide nozzle may help dry your windows, boat, vehicle, and other dishes.

The 20V WORK Air Blower offers an ultra-fast system for cleaning to move debris, dirt, and dust from behind, around, and under different objects.

With its fantastic blower speed, it can handle a large area. Create an exclusive CLEAN ZONE around your space with the help of specialized attachments.

It is easy to carry because of its compact and ultra-lightweight design. Feel free to sweep debris from yards, driveways, garages, and shops.


KIMO Cordless 20V Leaf Blower 2-in-1 Vacuum/Sweeper

KIMO Cordless 20V Leaf Blower Vacuum
KIMO Cordless 20V Leaf Blower Vacuum

KIMO offers a cordless 2-in-1 vacuum and sweeper for cleaning. With this lightweight leaf blower, you can complete cleaning within a few minutes.

Its 2-in-1 design will help remove fallen leaves and snow from your garden. Feel free to use it to clean hard-to-reach areas.

It is ideal for the garage, courtyard, and engine compartment. With its cordless design, you can take it anywhere for cleaning.

You will get an instructional manual, reusable collection bags, a white ring and blow tube, a fast charge of KIMO, a dust vacuum, and other accessories. This blower is almost 2 pounds; therefore, it is easy to use for longer. You can turn it into a vacuum cleaner after installing a blow tube in the air inlet.

Get the advantage of solid suction to absorb pet hair, dust, biscuits, and crumbled cookies.

You will find cleaning the car, garden, and house great. It may take almost 60 minutes to charge this blower. Worrying about its battery timing is unnecessary because it is enough to complete your cleaning work.


Toro 51585 Electric Power Sweep Leaf Blower

Toro 51585 Electric Power Sweep Leaf Blower
Toro 51585 Electric Power Sweep Leaf Blower

Toro 51585 is suitable for producing powerful air at 160 mph.

This compact and lightweight vacuum features dual-speed air control for versatility. You can clear debris and leaves from decks, driveways, and sidewalks.

It can be an ideal blower for your garage. Feel free to decrease its size by removing its nozzles. There is no need to worry about storage space because of its size.

You can use it without any trouble, even in a damp environment.
A powerful motor (7.0A) can complete cleaning within a few minutes. You can manage its speed with a switch located on a handle under your thumb.

This leaf blower is high for small and medium-sized yards. With low-speed air, you can enjoy better control in tight areas. It comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

It lacks proper support for the cord. You have to purchase its extension cord distinctly.

To collect crisp leaves, sand, and dust, you can operate this blower at 130 mph. Feel free to use it during the rainy season to collect wet leaves. A professional landscaper can use it for mowing cleanup.

Compared to other leaf blowers, it is quiet and efficient. There is no need to worry about noise.

Final Thoughts

This is a list of the top 5 top-rated best handheld leaf blower reviews, and we hope you have already found a model that suits your needs.

If you think a gas-powered or corded leaf blower is more suitable, check out other reviews in several categories.

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