CRAFTSMAN BV245 Leaf Blower Crank Engine Gas
CRAFTSMAN BV245 Leaf Blower Crank Engine Gas

You might look at the CRAFTSMAN BV245 blower with its 27cc-2 cycle gas-powered engine and think it is a super ergonomic nightmare.

Once you get in your hands on the machine, you will find CRAFTSMAN made a supreme effort to design it to be simple to use, despite the inherent weight of the 2 cycle engine block.

Features Craftsman Leaf Blower BV245

CRAFTSMAN BV245 only weighs in at 10.2lbs, whereas several gas-powered blowers with the same statistics weigh near to 20lbs and need to mount in a backpack.

CRAFTSMAN also made it with a variable speed throttle and vibration elimination to reduce your shoulder and arm’s impact.

It is meant to be more like a leaf blower than a vacuum, but it still does include the lawn vacuum essentials in the package.

Leaf Blower Crank Engine Gas” src=”” alt=”CRAFTSMAN BV245 Leaf Blower Crank Engine Gas” width=”1385″ height=”675″ /> CRAFTSMAN BV245 Leaf Blower Crank Engine Gas

It is rated to move a very impressive 450 CFM at a brisk 205 miles per hour.

CRAFTSMAN also adjusted its proprietary simple start ignition system, which you see on several of its successful gas-powered devices.

You prime the engine, choke and then only pull the drawstring for a very smooth start.

If you want to utilize it as a vacuum, you have to change over the attachments manually. It then has a mulching level of 16;1, which means it can decrease a traditional sixteen bags of leaf litter into just one bag.


  • The fact that the CRAFTSMAN BV245 leaf blower is gas-powered instead of a backpack is somewhat rare in this lineup, and you see in this superpower of 450 CFM moving air at 205 miles per hour.


  • Costly option

Final words

This is one of the heavier hand-held blowers on the market now, just by its two-stroke gasoline engine.

Still, at 10.2lbs, it is not prohibitively very heavy and offers a trade-off of better over its electrical power cousins.

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