DEWALT Leaf Blower DCBL720P1
DEWALT Leaf Blower DCBL720P1

DEWALT Leaf Blower DCBL720P1 20V is a wonderful option to think about when you look for a DEWALT leaf blower for your garden or yard.

An amazing cordless blower that’ll guarantee your carport, yard, walkway, and deck leaf fee lasting through the year!

Featurs DEWALT Leaf Blower DCBL720P1

Work at very low noise to not upset your neighbors and provides you amazing leaf moving capacity with 400 CFM.

DEWALT Leaf Blower DCBL720P1 lightweight brushless blower runs on a 60v battery and has variable speed controls.

You can select the speed, and you have to keep up and flip a lock to hold it set up.

This implies you do not need to stress over constantly keeping conservative or the speed expanding and diminishing as your fingers acquire worn out.

This blower’s true pneumatic force is 130mph, though it has a level that spotlights a particular area.

Electric blowers are a particularly more ecologically finely disposed alternative. They’re additionally fundamentally very calm, making them ideal for urban areas.

The position straight up there with the Green Works device until it goes to the battery. This device accompanies a 3amp hour batter and does not have a fast charger.

This battery will work for around 10-15 minutes.


  • Powerful 60v battery
  • The lightweight blower makes it less pressure to use
  • Extremely good airspeed, particularly with the concentrator nozzle attached.
  • Low noise
  • Long continuous working session
  • Lock system available to avoid accidental triggers


  • It takes a little bit long time to ramp up when you fully press down on the trigger.
  • Little higher charging time

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Final words

If you are looking battery-powered, brushless blower at an affordable price with tons of decent features, then look no further. DEWALT leaf blower DCBL720P1 is your best.

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DEWALT cordless leaf blower REVIEW! (DCBL720P1)

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